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IMG_8421'Lally Katz's play challenges the actors to move out of the comfort zone of psychological realism on a number of levels. The entire ensemble is to be commended for its willingness to invest so fully in the collectivity that Liam Halligan's beautiful imagistic production demands.'
Sara Keating, The Irish Times

Photo by Roger Kenny

‘A fine production, stunning in its simplicity… Ruth McGill’s excellent performance is painfully raw…gorgeously reproduced.’

                      Sunday Business Post


‘A truly memorable theatrical work…this superb production and a riveting adaptation.’ Irish Examiner 

Deirdre Monaghan, Ruth McGill. Photo: Toshi Sakauchi 08


‘A bewitching, beguiling night’s theatre. Right from the first four chords we were in a place apart, a place where theatricality and musical magic happened. It was a magical experience superbly played by all.’   

Irish Examiner 
‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in National Concert Hall.

Mark Fitzgerald in 'Dream'. Photo: Maurice Gunning

‘A high energy production delivering hit by hit.'           The Irish Times


A real development in Irish Theatre.’          The View on ‘Mushroom’

Dan Tudor, Karl Kennedy. Photo: Toshi Sakauchi

‘The play gains extraordinary power from its use of testimony. It is transformed from a personal story into a universal dilemma, giving the play political bite.’
The Irish Times on ‘Less Than a Year’

Below:  Seamus Moran, Una Kavanagh in 'Speaking in Tongues'. Photo: Toshi


‘It is the music that strikes the distinctive mood for this production. The off kilter approach to the music is in harmony with the writing as it slips slides around between different stories and characters falling in to and out of relationships. Director Liam Halligan is sensitive to the verbal bounce of the first act and the more somber mood of the second.’            Evening Echo on ‘Speaking in Tongues’

Below: Aoife Malony, Diane O'Keeffe, Conan Sweeny, Maria Tecce, Colin O'Donoghue in 'Summer's Day'. Photo: Toshi

‘A very sophisticated piece of work…a fully realised vision …essentially beautiful. A high watermark of design. Wonderful acting!'                           

The View on ‘Dream of a Summer Day’

‘A savage drama. For seventy-five minutes a hypnotic stage creation unfolds. The original music by Denis Clohessy adds a haunting dimension. This is new ground for Storytellers and they have harvested it with profit.’    

 The Irish Times on ‘Rashomon’

Below: Emma Colohan, Malachy McKenna, Eoin Lynch in 'Rashomon'. Photo: Ross Kavanagh

RASHOMON_2‘The first really striking thing about Rashomon is the sense of theatre at play. Its eventfulness hits you immediately you enter the theatre. What unfolds thereafter lives up to this impression and is a triumph for the three actors, the composer Denis Clohessy and director Liam Halligan. Storyteller’s production wonderfully recreates all the magic and timeless depths of wisdom that resonate in these indelible Japanese tales. This is an  imaginative presentation which features glowing performances and a wonderful Zen-like set by Chisato Yoshimi.’

The Irish Examiner on ‘Rashomon’

Creates an ambience both inviting and disarming. This is a riveting, brain massaging treat.’                                                        

The Sunday Business Post on ‘Rashomon’

Below: Conan Sweeny in 'Leaving'. Photo: Ken Wardrop

‘Leaving is complex, adult and dramatically viable…extraordinary refreshing. Liam Halligan directs with excellent understanding of theme and text.’    Emer O’ Kelly Sunday Independent

Leaving_5Colin O'Donoghue, Laura Jane Loughlan in 'Leaving' Photo: Ken Wardrop

‘Leaving is a thought-provoking, insightful and emotional piece of theatre. The acting is first rate. The set design is extremely productive which employs video projection to great effect. Sound, music and lighting all contribute significantly to the play’s hard-hitting emotional impact. Quare Hawks is a polished and assured theatrical machine ploughing through both rural and urban consciousness. Director, Liam Halligan, has a timely production on his hands.’             Brian O’ Connell, The Examiner


‘Leaving is a moving, harrowing and heartbreaking depiction of a family’s story that goes beyond the sum of it’s parts. The production solidly negotiates the line between truthful human behaviour and the symbolic beauty of theatre.’

Susan Conley, What’s on Where

Brendan Laird in 'Leaving'. Photo: Ken Wardrop

Below: Workshop group for 'Leaving'

Leaving_Workshop‘The always interesting Quare Hawks present this poetic play by  Philip Osment. Liam Halligan’s direction is impeccable in a very worthwhile production.’

 Gerry Colgan, Irish Times

‘This production certainly enhances Quare Hawks standing as one of the leading companies in the country. They create graphic and provocative imagery on a minimalist set to chilling effect. By any standards this is a polished and timely production.’

Waterford News and Star

Leaving_6Conan Sweeny, Colin O'Donoghue in 'Leaving' Photo: Ken Wardrop

‘There are memorable moments of thought-provoking theatre, and it is obvious that Quare Hawks is taking risks to produce new and interesting theatre that resonates with their audiences. The atmosphere is enhanced by Denis Clohessy’s poignant score, filled with the lonely resonance of an acoustic guitar. The production uses video and projected images to convey a sense of isolation and cleverly manages to suggest a bleak beauty reminiscent of Patrick Kavanagh’s frost-hard but somehow loveable Monaghan.’        
Irish Theatre Magazine

Below: Deirdre Monaghan in 'Leaving'. Photo: Ken Wardrop

momnightmoon‘Leaving' is an excellent, dark tale set in rural Ireland. The production was as one has come to expect from Quare Hawks, a gripping and stylish drama dealing with a subject matter that has touched every part of the country.’ 
                                        Aodhan O’Faolan, The Nationalist

‘Leaving' is two hours of gripping theatre and as compelling a performance as I’ve seen in many a day. This is contemporary social theatre at it’s most perceptive, directed superbly by Liam Halligan. The cast is uniformly excellent and convincing, all in all, this is a theatrical treat.’       The Mourne Observer


‘Directed by Liam Halligan, the production is a stylish and wonderfully wrought piece of theatre. The players combine the best aspects of telling a story and showing it to us as well. Particularly important to this theatricality is the live musical performance by Dennis Clohessy and Marcus Costello’s stunning lighting design. What is most interesting about the show is that it says something about the commonalities across cultures, and indeed centuries, that make this production exceptionally relevant and engaging.’

                                    Susan Conley, What’s On Where on ‘Cracked’

Cracked_7Dawn Fleming, Diane O'Keeffe, Liz Keller in 'Carcked' Photo: Hannah Smolenska

‘Combining music and energetic acting is never going to be an easy process but the performances here are first class. The musical asides made sense where a regular script would undoubtedly fail with such a subject matter. The music spoke volumes in places.  To give a human face to the lost Cracked succeeds with style, panache and innovation. A wonderful production from Quare Hawks.'          Ronan Casey, Westmeath Examiner on ‘Cracked’

Cracked_4Dawn Fleming, Diane O'Keeffe, Liz Keller in 'Cracked'. Photo: Hannah Smolenska

‘Cracked is a great example of how devised work can be of the highest quality…What makes this piece so different are the variables of performance, where the gesture, the visual and the symbolic, become the dominant impressionable aspects. It captures the ennui, the savagery of detention, the rage, the sense of sedation and the helplessness of the patients.           
Eamonn Jordan, Irish Theatre Magazine on ‘Cracked’

‘Excellent production …excellent cast. Well worth a visit.’      

The Irish Times on 'The Undertaking'.


‘A moving and worthwhile production. The play is a rare and welcome look at issues of homosexuality in an Irish context.’

The Sunday Tribune on 'The Undertaking'.


‘At times hilarious, at other times bleak, this play went down a treat with Cork audiences.’                  
The Examiner on 'The Undertaking'.

Chris Kelly, Stella Madden and Seamus Moran in 'The Undertaking'


‘The play raises laudable issues without forcing them. Under Liam Halligan’s direction, all five characters develop steadily. Strong performances…’

Irish Independent on 'The Undertaking'.

Undertaking_1Miles Breen in 'The Undertaking'


‘A skillful company... this affecting play, a bittersweet meditation on love and life with a spiritual dimension, recalls Chekhov.’

Western European Stages, Amsterdam on 'The Undertaking'.


Undertaking‘Osment creates five highly credible characters in this bittersweet look at loves lost. His exploration of tradition and ritual, and how we face up to death, contains some unpleasant truths. It’s explicit and tough talking. Not much rock ‘n’ roll, but a fair bit of everything else.’

Belfast Telegraph on 'The Undertaking'.

Chris Kelly, Seamus Moran in 'The Undertaking'

'Extremely expressive, we experience all the raw emotion'
Michael Arditti London's Evening Standard on 'A Kurt Weill Cabaret'

'A powerful revival' 
London's Time Out on 'A Kurt Weill Cabaret'


Sarah Jane Drummey, Deirdre Monaghan, Stella Madden in 'Hard Times' Photo: Tom Lawlor

'Sensitive and detailed direction brings the drama to absorbing life...a complete experience.' 
The Irish Times on 'Hard Times' (Storytellers)

'Dynamic and accessible with characterisation which is both broad and immediate with rigorous physical and vocal precision..infused with a contemporary resonance.' 
Sunday Tribune on 'Hard Times' 

''Packs such a punch! An absorbing revival.' 
Irish Times on 'Anna Christie' (Focus Theatre)

Janusz_copyJanusz Sheagall in 'Mushroom'.

Photo: Toshi Sakauchi

'Flourishes of praise for bringing O'Neill's play so much to life.' 

The Examiner on 'Anna Christie'

'The sheer modernity shines through, hovering engagingly between drawing room thriller-farce and profundis. A damn pleasure to applaud.' 
Sunday Times on 'An Ideal Husband' (Galloglass)

'A most elegant and enjoyable production.' 
Irish Times of 'An Ideal Husband'

'Non-stop comic action..adapted by Liam halligan, this revival clearly respects the original. he directs with numerous neat touches and a sense of the play's enduring comic content.' 
Irish Times on 'Mirandolina' (Galloglass)


Donncha Crowley, Marc Dylan, John Bergin and Gary Lilburn in 'The Crack and the Whip'

'An hilarious new play, a comic tale of all encompassing greed..an evening of great entertainment.' 
The Nationalist on Colin Teevan's 'The Crack and the Whip' (Galloglass)

'An extremely entertaining mixture' **** 

The Scotsman on 'Small Box Psychosis'

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